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About us 


about us


Our wonderful webmaster, Lisa, asked us to write a little bit about ourselves. (She does a really good job…don’t you think? ;)
We are part of the family of Jerry and Traci and live in beautiful Upstate NY. Our mom and dad have 4 human children and all of us. They love us very much and consider us their babies. They are very good to us. We live in the house with them, sleep in their comfy bed and raise our own children right among them. Our babies are brought up right in the middle of everyone. Mom and Dad pastor a church, so we get to see lots of people and even get to go to church with them sometimes. Of course we have to take turns, but what fun we have when it’s our turn! We love the people and they love us! We especially love the human kids! Mom brings our babies sometimes so they can meet everyone too. It teaches our kids and the human kids how to respect each other and to treat each other with kindness so when our babies go to their new homes we are sure they will adjust quickly and easily to their new family. More than anything, we want our babies to be as happy and well cared for as we are, so Mom and Dad make sure they are trained well!
Our mom and dad strive to give us the best of care. Mom searched everywhere for the best Dr. We really like to go and see her. She treats us with kindness and makes sure we and our babies have all we need and are healthy.

You can even see pictures of us and our babies so you can see what we look like! Most of us have very impressive pedigrees and we are proud to pass this lineage on to our kids. If you would like to let them have their own families to pass on the lineage we are so proud of we would be honored. Mom and Dad offer several registrations to fit your needs and budget. They are always striving to better our breeds. One of our Maltese babies won a show this past summer…how proud we are of our little boy! Most of us have show potential!

So, this is a little about who we are and it is very nice to meet you! We hope you will take a look around our site and get to know us better!