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These are some of our puppies we've raised.

Only 1 3/4 lbs at 10 weeks old.  This is the quality of pups produced from our breeding program.

Only 2 lbs at 10 weeks.  One of our puppies we've raised.

Only 1 1/4 lbs at 7 weeks old. 

Male yorkies, Male Studs,


Male yorkshire terriers.

"Cart's Michael Angelo"

Parti Yorkie

AKC Breeding Male
3 1/2 lbs

 "Mikey" is a Parti Color Yorkie with an AKC pedigree that is traced back to CH Nikkos Rolls Royce Ashley. He is from the Sire Silver Jack Hill (Jack) and the Dam Cart's Sweet Meg. Angelina is his sister but not his litter mate. Mikey is our new sire and he weighs only 3 1/2 pounds with very silky fine white,tan and black hair, outstanding personality and excellent confirmation. He is the 2nd Parti Color Yorkie I've had come out of my breeding program. Look for quality pups for sale soon from this Sire.




AKC Breeding Male
4 lbs

Outstanding qualities.  Extra thick coat, short nose,  tiny ears, straight back, short legs and body and darling baby doll face.  He is a great asset to our breeding program.  The perfect stud for quality pup.


"Silver Jack Hill"

AKC Blue/Gold Yorkshire Terrier
Parti Gene Carrier 

AKC Breeding Male
4 lbs.
 Jack is the sire of the Parti female, Angelina.


 "Cart's Tiny Woody Man"

3  1/4 lbs.
He has so many wonderful traits that I'm certain he will produce only the very highest quality of pups.  He has very black and thick hair on his back and a beautiful gold baby doll face.  He loves to be held and has a very friendly and playful disposition.  He is such a joy to own.


 "Shirley's Radar"

3  lbs.
Radar has a small head, ears that always stand erect, and a square body. Weighs only 3 pounds and thinks he can drive when we go somewhere, as seen in this picture. He is a sweetheart.




New Parti Male 5 months old belongs to Ed and Tanya Miller of All Star Yorkies and will be used in my breeding program when he becomes of age. The Millers and I have agreed to share Parti Studs in an effort to have the best Parti Yorkies available. This little male was purchased from Loryn of Crownridge in California. Both studs Cart's Michael Angelo and Elvis have pedigree's tracing back to CH Nikkos Rolls Royce Ashley.




"Cart's Parti Tyme 24 KT Golden Nugget"
2 1/4 lbs (at 6 mos. old)



Nugget is a Parti Gene Carrier and a Golden Yorkie.
His Sire is Cart's Michael Angelo  - Full Parti Yorkie
His Dam is Wildwest 24KT Gold Channel -a Beautiful Golden Female

He has both genes Parti and Golden


Greg and Debra Cart
Atoka, OK 74525

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